Monday, March 12, 2012

Annotated 2

i went on google and typed in gaming effects on children and i had clicked the first link(  it starts off by saying there has been gaming around for about 30 years and i thought to myself. why has more problems been occuring on children these days when there were video games before we were even born. i feel as if there are more reasons is because now a days every kid has a gaming device and is constantly playing it. also in the past the kids were more active and not every kid had a gaming system to always play. it then tells us about the kids having more agression problems due to the violent video games they are playing. they are also more prone to more confrontations, fight more often, and had harder times dealing with school/grades. the site then gives me very informational facts on how to stop and catch the problem by telling parents what not to do with these gaming devices and their young ones. i feel as if this is exactly what parents need to know if they want to help their children out with their life. a kid will not just simply stop playing video games for the simple fact that video games are very addictive. video games can be compared to drugs and their addiction to these things, they simply just cant get enough of the video games.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012


            During this class I will write a proposal and my proposal will talk about gaming. Gaming is the big part of it and I will narrow it down do to how kids react differently too gaming and the problems it can cause. My initial research question was effects on kids from video game and I would like to look more into this subject because my brother plays a lot of games. I could maybe changes the effects it can cause on the children. In today’s age all kids do is play video games and I admit to playing a lot of video games. For some kids video games are a way of life and it’s all kids look forward too. They eat, sleep, and play video games. This is a serious topic that I am addressing and should be looked more into. I am addressing the problem because it could help a lot of people out and also my brother plays a lot of video games, I think that he might have some of the effects of gaming to much because of some of the stuff he does. Gaming can cause so many issues in a child’s life like turning aggressive towards other, more prone to confrontations, and sometimes lower grades in the classroom. The health of a child can benefit our community because our youth is our next generation, they will take over once we are done working our jobs. This topic interests me because my brother plays a lot of video games and I know a lot of other little kids play and if they learned or even their parents learned the bad effects of gaming too much could really benefit them in a good way. I know some things about this topic and that involves: anger issues, school problems, fighting, drug and alcohol abuse, family issues, and I will learn more once I have done more research about this topic I have chosen. I think I need to more about the differences in adults and children, the effects of gaming the child’s brain, and what could be done to stop this occurring problem in family’s households. Also I could research more about the experiments done on gaming with children, the types of games and how they effects children comparing to other games, and why the cause violence in a child’s life. Some places that I could look for quality information would be major newspapers, major news channel websites, and magazines in the library. Keywords that I could use might be gaming effects on children, problems caused by gaming, what games produce the most problems, should there be a limit on how much a child can play video games, long run harmfulness on a kids health, and possibly why the games have an age limit on games and why they are specifically set to that age. Thorough out this paper I will have to be smart about where I go and look at information about gaming because some could be fake sources or even reliable sources. For this project I need good and strong sources in order for this to be a good paper and turn out the way I want it too.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Reseaarch proposal

For the reaearch proposal i would like to research the effects of gaming on kids these days. kids these days play an enormous amount of games on gaming consoles and this can be very bad for a childs health. my little brother plays a lot of games and maybe i could help him with maybe some of his problems. i could research on the effects it does to kids brains or even the anger it can cause in little kids. if people could find out what causes kids to have certain problems from gaming alot can change andd parents will help out a lot.

Monday, February 13, 2012


I feel as if all of these problems are very serious in todays society. people who cant afford or get healthy foods go for unhealthy and junk food that is bad for their health. Heather Cooke has a hard time getting to these food markets with good healthy food and when she cant get to these places she buys less healthy foods that are very non-nutrional to her families health. in some cases the healthy nutrional food is to exspensive and the less fortunite people cant buy these goods and have to settle for cheap, nasty, unhealthy foods. people who cant afford or cant travel to get these healthy goods settle for big macs and foods that are the unhealthiest of all and this causes baad heakth problems, but those foods are cheap and they fill a person up at a very cheap cost.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Class topics

another topic that would interest me would be staying in shape and doing what is necessary to stay healthy besides eating right. i am a physically fit person and i go to the gym and workout almost every day. my weight for my age and height is very healthy and i dont think people in america arent as healthy as they should be. as a entire population i would say that USA is and overweight country and this should not be. when you see our sports people on tv and in olympics going against other countries we win all the time but all these non atheletes or lazy people are unhealthy and should be reversed to make usa a very fit and healthy country.

Topic in class

What i wouldnt mind talking a little about more in class would be nutrition with people and problems that can occur with bad eating problems. eating can determine so many more things than just weight. people care about how they look but when that person is in a hurry they hit the drive through and buy a quick easy meal that fills them up. the problem is that quick meal can be a bad thing for that person. i took a nutrition class last semester and it taught me many more things that i had no idea really on what the things i was really eating did to me in the after affect.

Oral History

I looked up some oral histories online and found some to be very interesting. One in particular was a circus clown and was a very interesting interview. he talked about how he went from him himself as a normal person and transforming his self into a circus clown. he started off by giving some simple information on how he became a clown with his brother when he was a young boy and seem his father participate in the circus acts. he then talked about how he travel from one circus to another and how he finally ended up at where he is now and that would be the big apple circus. he wasn't from america and so he had a bit of difficulty because there was that language barrier with the circus and it was difficult to do things without knowing completely what to do. his name was famagalli and the interviewer asked him good questions, but i particularly liked the one about how he got his look as a clown. his makeup and costume was the question and he answered it just came to me and they wanted to look like a clown in the olden days. also the fumagalli was a good name and they came up with it out of no where and were like it just sounded good. he said he quickly became a star and was very surprised about this because it wasnt very known to start out and became a huge star very quickly.i liked this oral history because it wasnt a normal basic oral interview and it caught my attention because of circuses are amazing.